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    Multi-Cartridge Self-Cleaning Filter

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     Multi-Cartridge Self-Cleaning Filter
    Multi-Cartridge self-cleaning filter is a new generation of self-cleaning filter system, an internal integration of multi-slot-type filter element, when the filter elements are blocked, the unique backwashing arm will backwashing the element one by one.
    Multi-Cartridge self-cleaning filter has an outstanding advantages to distinguish from the general screen type self-cleaning filter, is that an extremely durable V-SLOT filter element is used, and the width of gap is uniform, there is a large filter area only one filter, a low flow rate on the surface of  filter element, Maximum flow of up to 8000 cubic meters / hour, high reliability, be suitable for a badly water, such as: Oil-like impurities, Soft viscous impurities, high impurity content, a small amount of hair and fiber impurities.
    Multi-Cartridge self-cleaning filter can filter all kinds of water and low viscosity liquid (such as machining coolant) in the solid particles of impurities to meet the system operation and the next process of liquid cleanliness requirements, can also be used to protect the key Equipment in the downstream to avoid the blockage of particles, abrasion, and scaling. to improve the efficiency of key equipment and service life. The MS-CF filter is capable of continuous automatic on-line filtration, reducing the cost of downtime, maintenance and labor costs, and is an advanced solution for water and water-based liquid filtration.
    The filtration precision of MS-CF filter is 50 to 2000 microns, the size of inlet and outlet is 2 to 24 inches, it can be divided into three series: S class, suitable for large flow filtration or high precision filtration; M class, suitable for small flow filtration or coarse accuracy Filter; T class, designed for a Primary filtration and large flow filtration.
    Operating Principle
    Filtration Process
    The liquid flows from the inlet of the filter, the part of the liquid flows directly from the bottom of the filter element, the other part from the middle tube into the top of filter, and then, the liquid flow into from the top of the filter element again. And outflow by the outlet in the inner surface of filter element. the particles are blocked in inner surface of filter element, accumulated into a filter cake, so that, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet gradually become larger, then, the thickness of filter cake is increasing, the flux gradually reduced.
    Backwashing Process
    When the given differential pressure or time is reached, the self-cleaning operation is started. The motor drive the arm of backwashing to clean a filter element, and the upper end of the filter element is sealed in a large part, The lower end is connected to the cleaning nozzle and the backwash valve is opened. The filter element is connected to the sewage pipe ,because of the differential pressure of outside of the filter element and drain outlet, the clean filtrate will backwash the filter cake of inner surface of filter element, then, the liquid flow into the sewage pipe. After a filter backwash is finished, close the backwash valve and wash the arm against the next filter for backwashing. All the filter element is backflush, the whole process is completed.
    Positioning function
      The positioning plate and the cleaning arm mounted on the reducer motor drive shaft, each positioning hole distributed on the positioning plate corresponds to each filter element, and the cleaning arm corresponds to one of the holes. Positioning the sensor to reach the positioning sensor sensor channel, positioning the sensor output signal to stop the motor rotation, cleaning arm has been aligned with a filter, the backwash valve to open a few seconds after the closure, cleaning is completed, the motor continues to run, the next positioning hole again Positioning sensor conduction, the motor stops after cleaning the next filter.
    Configuration instructions
    MS-CF filter equipped with V-SLOT gap type precision metal filter, V-SLOT filter has the following outstanding advantages:
    ◆ filter accuracy of 50 to 2000 microns, the width is extremely uniform, gap error is less than 5 microns, precision accuracy
    ◆ high opening rate, and other filter area more flow, more pollutant capacity, the filter is more compact
    ◆ 316L material, excellent corrosion resistance, and another super duplex stainless steel or titanium 2 special material optional, especially for seawater
    ◆ smooth inner surface, V-shaped opening gap, not easily imprinted impurity, with excellent backwash performance, long-term stable flow
    ◆ can filter more harsh water quality, such as oil-containing impurities, gels, trace fibers and other difficult impurities
    ◆ high-strength structure, the pressure rise, the gap is not deformed, particle bridge stability, fine filtration
    ◆ resistant to high-strength positive and negative pressure impact, the service life of more than 8 years, almost no secondary filter purchase costs
    MS-CF filter equipped with ACS series of automatic cleaning control system, integrated differential pressure cleaning and timing cleaning parallel control function, according to the conditions of control filter efficient operation. If required, can be customized DCS remote real-time monitoring. Differential pressure cleaning for most occasions, is the most efficient cleaning mode, the pressure difference is reflected in the filter element surface cake cake accumulation or filter blockage, when the set pressure difference, that is, start self-cleaning action, Cleaning pressure difference of 0.05Mpa, according to the working conditions in the 0.01-0.1Mpa range of regulation. Timing cleaning can be set between 0 and 24 hours. If the differential mode fails, the time mode is still active, highlighting the final safety protection function. The cleaning cycle setting should be close to the average cycle of the filter differential pressure mode.
    ACS control system Differential pressure transmitter has two forms. Differential pressure transmitter can output real-time differential pressure, sensitivity and reliability of the highest, easy DCS remote real-time monitoring. I use the special pressure switch, with high sensitivity and long-term reliability, there are two differential pressure set point, set the point accuracy ± 0.005Mpa, one for the cleaning pressure difference (such as 0.05Mpa), the other can be used as Abnormal pressure difference is used to alarm (such as 0.1Mpa), can be connected to the DCS remote monitoring.

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