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    Full-Automatic Candle Filter

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    Full-Automatic Candle Filter

     In order to solve the environmental pollution caused by the open-type filter and increase the dryness of the filter cake, we developed a completely pressure-tight.
           The pressure-tight filter is placed some candle tubes, which is suitable for different occasions. Because there is no actuator device, and its structure is simple, so it is suitable for an operating condition of large filtration area. The filter device is fully automatic operation, no any leakage.
            The filter element adopts a structure design of double plum blossom tube bank (internal stainless steel skeleton and external filter cloth). The middle drainage tube can help to drain the liquid in the filter tube, and, the remaining liquid can be drained away by the middle bleeder tube, and, the filter cake is blown off by back flushing of clean gas, its efficiency is obviously higher than other filter. The filter is suitable for the filtration of impurity content of 0.1% to 50%.
    ◆ Multi-hole filter element is dismountable and easy to replace, clean, and maintain.
    ◆ the moisture content of discharged slag can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and filter cake is very easy to be broken, can be directly discharged into the beating tank, without the conveyor
    ◆ Full pressure-tight operation, both suitable for the filtration of general materials, can also be used for flammable, toxic or highly toxic dangerous products, and a fresh food which does not allow be polluted, biological products and pharmaceuticals, etc.
    ◆ the filter with an intelligent control system, greatly saving labor
    Operating principle
    When the candle filter is start to its filtering process, the slurry is fed into the filter by the pump. The liquid phase in the slurry passes through the filter medium and enters into the center of multi-hole filter element, and is discharged from the outlet of the clear liquid. Before the cake layer is formed, the relatively clean liquid is sent to the inlet of raw material slurry again to do a filtration process, until the filter cake layer is formed (or meet the requirements ), and then, the control system will give a signal to stopping the recycle filtration. The clean liquid will be sent to next process through the control valve and execute the normal filtration process.
            After a normal filtration period, the system automatically provides a signal to stopping feed and drain away the remaining liquid when the filter cake layer on outside surface of multi-hole filter element is reach to a certain thickness. And then, the control system provides the signal again to back flushing (compressed air, nitrogen or Saturated steam), the filter cake is stripping, the outlet of slag is open to discharge by the control system. Next filtration process will be executed again.
    Bio-pharmaceuticals industry: Fermentation extracts, Antibiotics, Antibiotics, Streptomycin, Citric acid ; Chemical industry: Amine liquid, Catalyst recovery, Sulfuric acid, polyhydric alcohols, Titanium dioxide, PTA particles, Polyglycol, Potassium carbonate, Epoxy resin
    Food & Beverage industry:  Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Raw Syrup, Fruit Grape Pulp, Glucose Syrup, Sucrose, Beer, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Gelatin
    Metal processing: Cleaning agents, Coal tar, Machine cooling oil, Metal foil rolling oil

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