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    Water treatment system

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    Shallow medium filter


    Quartz sand filter (Shallow medium filter) it is using quartz sand as the filter medium, under a certain pressure, the high turbidity water through a certain thickness of the granular or non granular quartz sand filtration, water interception to remove suspended solids, organic matter effectively, colloid particles, microorganisms, chlorine, odor and some the heavy metal ion, and ultimately to reduce the turbidity of water, an efficient filtration equipment water purification effect
    Quartz sand filter has small filtration resistance, large surface area, strong acid and alkali resistance, has the advantages of pollution resistance. The unique advantages of quartz sand filter is designed by optimization of filter material and filter, and realizes the adaptive operation of the filter, the filter of the original concentration, operating conditions, pretreatment process is very adaptive strong, namely when the filtration bed automatically form a memorial under dense state, to ensure the effluent water quality under different operating conditions, backwashing filter fully dispersed, the cleaning effect is good. 
    Quartz sand filter is mainly used in electric power, electronics, beverage, water, oil, chemical, metallurgy, textile, paper, food, swimming pool, municipal engineering and other process water, domestic water, recycled water and wastewater treatment areas.

    Removal of iron and manganese filter 
    Iron and manganese removal filter , the groundwater that Contains iron, manganese is added the gas or added oxidant, after that, it promote ferric ion, manganese ion oxidized, when the water flow through the filter layer of manganese sand, contact oxidation reaction in the filtering layer, and physical filter surface bio chemical adsorption water interception, iron, precipitation the removal of manganese ion, the treated water can reach the national standard. The products are widely used in cold and hot water, industrial water price of iron, manganese ion removal depth filtration process. It is suitable for the iron content is not greater than 15mg/L, manganese content not greater than 10mg/L, the pH value of not less than 6 of the raw water quality.
    In addition to iron and manganese filtration is mainly used in food, beverage, paper, brewing industry and other use of raw water filtration; groundwater, water as the main drinking water filtration; Geothermal Engineering and swimming pool water filtration.

    carbon filter 
    Activated carbon filter shell is made of glass steel or stainless steel, and the inner packing activated carbon is used as the filter element, which can be used to filter the free substance in water, microorganism, some heavy metal ions, and can effectively reduce the color of water.
    Activated carbon filter is a more commonly used water treatment equipment, water desalination system as pretreatment can not remove the residual chlorine adsorption level filtering, can effectively ensure the follow-up equipment life, improve water quality, prevent pollution. While the adsorption of small organic molecules from road leak down other polluting substances, to water odor, colloid and pigment, such as heavy metal ions adsorption removal effect obviously, also has reduced the role of COD, RO can further reduce the influent SDI value. SDI<5, TOC<2.Oppm.
    Activated carbon filter is widely used in food, medicine, electronics, chemical, industrial waste water and other industries.

    Precision filter (also known as the security filter), cylinder shell using stainless steel material manufacturing, internal use of PP melt, line around, folding, activated carbon and other tubular filter element as filter element, according to different filter media and design process to choose different filter element, in order to meet the requirements of water quality.
    Precision filter is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, oil, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries, is all kinds of liquid filtration, clarification, purification treatment of the ideal equipment.

    Hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment
    Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane which has high tensile strength, uniform pore size, can intercept the large molecular substance and impurities of 0.002-0.1 micron, ultra filtration membrane allows small molecules and soluble solids (inorganic salt), etc., ultrafiltration membrane can intercept the colloid, protein, microbial and macromolecular organic matter.
    The characteristics of hollow fiber ultrafiltration device: it can effectively filter out viruses and pathogenic microorganisms, ensure the stability of high quality effluent water quality; membrane tensile strength, pore size, distribution uniformity; high permeability performance to ensure the normal operation of the low pressure, PVDF filter membrane has good resistance to chemical erosion.
    Hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment mainly used in landfill leachate treatment, emulsion wastewater treatment, sand filter backwash water treatment and reuse, pretreatment of RO and NF, the treatment of surface water, drinking water and water treatment technology, small scale municipal wastewater, most industrial wastewater treatment.

    Reverse osmosis equipment
    According to the principle of molecular dialysis pressure difference, the reverse osmosis water, which is made of high pressure, can be used to purify the water, which is made of high pressure, and can be used as a kind of device, which is a kind of advanced technology, which is a kind of device, which is a kind of advanced technology, which is a kind of device, which is a kind of technology.
    Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is widely used in the electronics industry of integrated circuit with high water injection, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, seawater desalination, brackish water desalination, drinking pure water, distilled water, high pressure boiler water supply, power supply and other chemical fields.

    Ultraviolet sterilization device
    The ultraviolet ray sterilizing device is the use of ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity (that is, the radiation intensity of ultraviolet lamp) to achieve disinfection, sterilization. When the ultraviolet irradiation to the microorganism, the energy transfer and accumulation, the accumulation of the results of microbial inactivation, so as to achieve the purpose of drug elimination.
    The ultraviolet ray sterilizing device adopts stainless steel as raw material, the cavity and the electronic control device for the integrated design. The finished product has the sterilization speed quick, the sterilization power (99.99%) does not change the physical and chemical properties of the water, and has no side effect.
    The design pressure 0.8Mpa, which can meet the working pressure of 0.6Mpa, UV lamp selection of imported high quality and high intensity ultraviolet lamp configuration, in line with national health standards, use life of 3000 hours or more, the diameter of 15 ~ 150mm.
    The ultraviolet sterilizer used in disinfection of water: tap water, drinking water, pure water, community residents, building two water supply department, the office building of the hotel, restaurant and other water; sea water, fresh water breeding, aquaculture (fish, eel, shrimp, abalone, shellfish and other aquatic products processing) water purification and disinfection, disinfection; shellfish purification, fish processing and processing water disinfection; industrial water disinfection, food processing, fruit juice, milk, beverage, beer, edible oil and all kinds of canned products, cold water disinfection; biological, chemical and pharmaceutical, pure water production of cosmetics, electronics industry with ultra pure water, sewage disinfection, municipal sewage, water reuse. Hospital water, oil field injection water; circulating water disinfection, swimming pool water, landscape water, industrial circulating cooling water; irrigation water disinfection, remove algae from water medium in large water.

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