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    Filter bag

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     Filter bag

    Hot melting welded Filter bag
    Our products of Hot melting welded is reliable when you have a strict requirement for filtration precision and performance. filter bag is manufactured by the advanced production process, Each product of filter bag all meet perfectly our industrial filter, ensure no side leakage, and bleeder.

    Product feature
    1.Hot melting welded type, eliminate the leakage of pinhole for sewing filter bag 
    2.No stitch, remove the potential foreign body ( the end of a thread, fiber )
    3.Suitable for soft and hard particles, large capacity.
    4.Integral type handle of filter bag, is easy to replace the filter bag, suitable for replacing the filter bag frequently.
    5.its materials is PO,PE,good compatibility of chemistry, suitable for acid, alkalis, dissolvent and, aromatics, etc.
    6.Temperature range: -65℃~120℃
    7.Sanitary grade filter bag is suitable for higher requirements in the food industry.
    Application Area
    1.Pre-filtering before membrane filtration or precision filtration
    2.Automobile coating system
    3.Electrophoretic paint, electroplate liquid
    4.Remove the emulsion or gel
    5.lubrication or hydraulic liquid
    6.edible oil and fruit juice
    7.Gum resin and solvent

    Sewing filter bag
    Sewing filter bag , is just used widely as a product, it is sewn by the professional equipment and materials. The materials of filter bag is various, and is suitable for different temperature, pressure and liquid medium. sewing process is also suitable for a materials to not be welded, hot melting or spliced. All kinds of filter bag to satisfy different filtration demand. Needle felt and nylon are common materials for a sewing filter bag. Filtration precision and compatibility of chemistry is affected by these materials. 
    Product feature
    1.filter bag has 5 sizes, suitable for different flow, filter area, can also be customized according to customer request
    2.Is sewn mitutely by five lines. Reduce the side leakage and increase strength as far as possible.
    3.The materials of the ring of filter bag is stainless or plastic, to meet different liquid medium and filter container.
    4.Be Suitable for soft and hard particles, large capacity, be suitable for a working condition to be replaced frequently.
    5.optional materials is wide, such as PP,PE,PA66,Nomex, PTFE, etc. to meet different temperature and corrosive liquid.
    Application Area
    1.the filtration in water treatment
    2.Pre-filtering before membrane filtration or precision filtration.
    3.a filtration of Electrophoretic paint, electroplate liquid
    4.a filtration for Gum resin and solvent
    5.a filtration for the emulsion or gel
    6.a filtration for lubrication or hydraulic liquid
    7.a filtration for edible oil and fruit juice

    non-woven felt filter bag
    non-woven felt filter bag, an economic product, the materials is made of non-woven needle felt, no depilation phenomenon on the surface of heat treatments, Strict structure, no depilation phenomenon on the surface of heat treated materials.
    Product features
    1.Be suitable for low and medium viscosity liquid, high flow rate liquid. Remove all kinds of soft and hard particles.
    2.According to actual working condition, the materials of Nomex, PTFE is optional.
    3.According to actual working condition, the plastic ring of good sealing property can be optional, economic and durable stainless steel ring and galvanized steel ring is also optional.
    Application Area 
    1.Pre-filtering before membrane filtration
    2.a filtration of amine liquid
    3.a filtration of Electrophoretic paint, electroplate liquid
    4.a filtration of syrup
    5.a filtration of resin and solvent
    6.a filtration for Technology of circulating water
    7.a filtration of soup
    8.a filtration of industrial oil
    9.a filtration of powder

    nylon monofilament filter bag
    This product is made of the materials of PA66 by a woven mesh structure. The material is heat treated in finalize the design, the bore is fixed, so, Constant value filtering can be come true. Precision range is 15μ m-1200μ m, the material is working normally under the high temperature, fiber is difficult deformation, good tensile strength. At the same time, Through the good, be suitable for a low requirement in the filtration of big particles, pre-filtering, coarse filtration, and so on.
    Product features
    1.Heat setting treatment in cross cross for the nylon monofilament, Product is not easy to deformation, high tensile strength.
    2.Net structure is fixed bore, fixed value filtering, the stability is good.
    3.The process of Strengthen the outer lining seam edge, will be more stable in the sealability.
    4.Be suitable for the filtration of a high viscosity liquid and the hard particles.
    5.Complete specification of filter bag, 1#,2#,3#,4#,5# standard filter bag can be supplied, and the nonstandard size and shape can be also supplied according to the customer’s actual requirements.
    6.According to actual working condition, the plastic ring of good sealing property can be optional, economic and durable stainless steel ring and galvanized steel ring is also optional.
    Application Area 
    1.Pre-filtering, coarse filtering
    2.A filtration of automobile degreasing process
    3.A filtration of paint
    4.A filtration of cutting fluid
    5.A filtration of Circulating water filtration
    6.A filtration of fruit juice, liquor

    Absolute accuracy filter bag
    This product is made of 100% pure polypropylene material (PO), Good lipophilic hydrophobic property, No other chemical composition to be appeared in the process of filtration. the design structure is divided into the inner and outer, the inner materials is coarse filtering structure, the outer materials is precision filtering structure. The materials of coarse filtering has a good receiving capacity, and it can reduce the filtration resistance. The outer materials can block and intercept the molecule, ensure the filter precision. Echelon structure design is beneficial to intercept the impurities in layer and layer. At the same time, the process of Ultrasonic heat melting is also beneficial to its sealing property, is not easy to side leakage. Absolute accuracy filter bag, is suitable for a process in filtration of electronic chemical, oils, food, medicine, paint, printing ink ,water treatment, Excellent oil absorption properties, is more suitable for a filtration to wiping off oil in the paint and coating industry.

    Product feature
    1. 100% pure polypropylene material (PO), excellent lipophilic hydrophobic property
    2.Echelon structure design ensure its large capacity and high filtration precision.
    3.the process of Ultrasonic heat melting and all-welded is also beneficial to its sealing property.
    Application Area 
    1.A filtration of Developing liquid
    2.A filtration of pharmaceutical preparation
    3.A filtration of fine chemical engineering
    4.A filtration of decolorizing agent 
    5.A filtration of fruit juice
    6.A filtration of paint and coating industry

    Oil absorption filter bag
    High precision oil absorption filter bag, is made of high efficient capillary polypropylene fiber which is the characteristic of oil absorption 
    Product feature
    1.multilayered structure, it is pre-filtering layer, filter layer, supported layer.
    2.Ultra pure polypropylene with superfine fiber ensure its highest filter efficiency.
    3.Deep structure gradient filtration, increase the filtering area.
    4.excellent lipophilic hydrophobic property, ensure the speed of oil absorption and large oil absorption capacity.
    5.More than 95% filtration efficiency ensure its use in a high requirement industry.
    Application Area
    1.A filtration of lubricating oil
    2.A filtration of boiler steam coagulation water
    3.A filtration of electrophoretic paint
    4.A filtration of decolorising agent 
    5.A filtration of fruit juice
    6.A filtration of production of aluminium foil

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