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    Filter cartridge

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    filter cartridge


    Melt Spinning Cartridge
    RKS Melt spinning cartridge, is made of the fiber of polypropylene (PO)by hot melt winding, no adhesive. Unique 3D gradient aperture design, Formation of three-dimensional filtration effect, and the voidage is high, retention rate is also high, large capacity, low pressure drop. the material of product is pure polypropylene, it has a good chemical compatibility, be suitable for a filtration of strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvent.

    Product feature
    1.Gradient structure of aperture, large capacity
    2.highly purified polypropylene, wide range of chemical resistance.
    3.homogeneous void distribution, high filtration efficiency,large filtering area.
    4.the cost of replaced product is low because of high service life.
    5.the pore of inner diameter is scalded treatment, avoid the fiber to appear.
    sea water desalination: Pre-filtration before Reverse Osmosis
    electronic industry: Pre-filtration of pure water, ultrapure water
    water treatment of power plant: Pre-filtration of cooling water, boiler water
    Petroleum: A filtration of oilfield reinjection water
    a filtration of drinking water: food, drink, bottled water
    the treatment of metal surface: A filtration of Plating solution, Chemicals, solvent
    major parameter
    materials: polypropylene (PO)
    type of port: DOE,222,226 (horizontal tail),222,226(fin)
    Material of seal ring: Silicone rubber ,vton, EPDM, NBR
    Surface treatment: flat, orange peel, amboss,groove
    Size/OD 63mm,115mm; ID 28mm,30mm
    Size/Length:10〞 、20〞 、30〞 、40〞 、50〞 、60〞; Can be also customized as per customer’s requirements. 
    Precision: 0.5μ m、1μ m、5μ m、10μ m、20μ m、30μ m、50μ m、75μ m、100μ m
    Max working temperature: <60℃
    Maximum operating pressure differential(MOPD): 3.0bar @ 20℃
    the differential pressure is recommended to replace. <1.5bar@60℃

    Wire wound filter cartridge
    Wire wound Filter cartridge is a deep filter elements, is used for a filtration in low viscosity, low impurity. Wire wound filter cartridge, Wire wound filter is made of polypropylene yarn or defatted cotton according to specific density accurately winding in the porous skeleton. the product has a dense honeycomb structure,the outer is fluffy and inner is pyknotic. Remove effectively the impurities of Suspended solids, particles, rust. The property of filtration is quite excellent.

    Product feature
    1. Gradient structure of aperture, remove effectively the various particles.
    2. long service life, save the cost of operation
    3. Anti hair removal treatment, avoid the secondary pollution.
    4.Wide range of chemical resistance
    5.High dirt holding capacity
    Application Area
    Pre-filtration before Reverse Osmosis
    A filtration of chemical raw material, Organic solution
    A filtration of acid base liquid in the process of chemical
    Pre-filtration of sterile water, pure water
    A filtration of industrial water, plating solution, soup
    Major parameter
    material: polypropylene fiber yarn, defatted cotton
    skeleton material: polypropylene,SS304,SS316
    Size/OD:63mm,115mm; ID:28mm,30mm
    Size/Length:10〞 、20〞 、30〞 、40〞 、50〞 、60〞 
    Precision:0.5μ m、1μ m、5μ m、10μ m、20μ m、30μ m、50μ m
    type of port: DOE,222,226 (horizontal tail),222,226(fin)
    Material of seal ring: viton, EPDM, NBR
    Max working temperature: polypropylene fiber yarn<70℃ ; defatted cotton<120℃
    Max working differential pressure: 3.4bar @20℃
    recommend replacing pressure: <2.0bar@70℃

    Activated carbon filter cartridge
    Extruded activated carbon filter adopts high quality and high efficiency particulate activated carbon as the main body, and the Food grade adhesive, then, it is extrude continuously and specially. The outer pre-filtration membrane is suitable for a filtration of Large sediment particles. And it can extend the service life of filtration cartridge. The protecting net of PO bring the high strength and large capacity of filtration cartridge. This product has an excellent adsorption and filtration efficiency, can remove the Residual chlorine, peculiar smell, organic matter and small particles.

    Product feature
    Strong adsorption capacity, good efficiency 
    1.wipe off the residual chlorine, peculiar smell, organic matter effectively
    2.No carbon release in the process
    3.low differential pressure, stable water flow, long service life.
    4.large dirt capacity.
    Application area
    water treatment industry: RO System, seawater desalination, residual chlorine from water supply.
    Food beverage: Soft drinks, alcohol, the adsorption of peculiar smell in bottled water
    microelectronics: a remove of organic matter from the plating solution, cleaning solution 
    chemical industry: fine chemical engineering, the decolorization of acid base solution
    Major parameter
    materials: Cocoanut active charcoal
    Body materials: the materials of end cap is PP, the materials of metal net is PE
    Size/OD: 65mm,115mm; ID:28mm
    Length: 5〞,10〞,20〞,30〞,40〞
    Precision: 1μm、5μm、10μm、20μm
    Type of Port: DOE
    Materials of Seal ring: Silicone rubber, NBR
    Max working temperature: <70℃
    Max differential pressure: 3.2bar@20℃
    Recommend replacing pressure: <2.0bar@70℃

    Folding filter cartridge
    RKS PP Folding filter cartridge, adopt the filtration technology of gradient aperture fiber.
    Product feature
    1.100% pure polypropylene
    2.adopt the Combination of folding structure that it has the multilayer film and supported layer.
    3.wide range Chemical Compatibility
    4.heat melting welded process is used, No any Adhesives,
    5.low differential pressure, long service life.
    6.the range of pore(0.1μm ~50μm) is wide, be suitable for various process of filtration.
    Pre-filtration before RO
    A filtration of medicine, biological pharmacy
    A filtration of organic solvent, Graphite, ink
    A filtration of pure water of electronic industry
    A filtration of mineral water, drinks, liquor
    Major parameter
    materials: Polypropylene
    Support & shell: Polypropylene
    Sealing: Ultrasonic hot melt welding ( no adhesive )
    Size/Diameter: 69mm
    Precision:0.1μ m、0.5μ m、1μ m、3μ m、5μ m、10μ m、20μ m、35μ m、50μ m 
    Type of port: DOE,222,226 (horizontal tail),222,226(fin)
    Material of seal ring: Silicone rubber ,vton, EPDM, NBR
    Filtration Area: ≥0.68m²/10inch
    Max working temperature: <80℃
    Max differential pressure: 3.8bar@20℃
    Recommend replacing pressure: <2.0bar@80℃
    Bio security: endotoxin <0.25EU/ml (10inch); Dissolved matter ≤30mg (10inch)


    Large flow Folding filter cartridge
    Large diameter 6 inch(152mm),max filtration area is more than 9 
    , flow is 45 m3/h. large diameter, its filtration area is also large, so, the quantity of filtration cartridge and sleeve will be reduced, and save the space. At the same time, the flow will be improved. The cost will be also reduced because of large flow and long service life.

    Product feature

    1.Gradient structure of aperture

    2.Oversized filtration area, large flow, large capacity, long service life

    3.A Design of flow direction from inner to outer, ensure the good filtration performance, a framework supported that its materials is PP is placed in the filtration cartridge.

    4.Save the cost of whole system at 40%


    Pre-filtration, Desalination of sea water

    A filtration of condensate water

    Drinking water, cooking oil

    A filtration of oilfield reinjection water

    A filtration of beer trap

    Major parameter

    Materials: PP or synthetic resin fiber wool

    Support & shell: Polypropylene(PP) or Glass fiber enhanced polypropylene

    Sealing: Ultrasonic hot melt welding

    Size/Diameter6(152mm)Length20〞、40 60

    Type of Pore: portable

    materials of sealing ring

    Max working temperature: <80(shell of common PP)

    Max working differential pressure: 3.4bar@20

    Recommend replacing pressure: <1.5bar@80




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