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    Bag filter
    Bag filter, filter bag as a filter element, be suitable for a precision filter,and wiping off the impurities in liquid. As a comparison with cartridge filter, mass flow,rapid operation,low material cost, is at a distinct advantage. For the viscous liquid, be suited to use the bag filter.
    Bag filter is designed as per the standard of pressure vessel. High quality stainless steel( SS304,SS316L) is used as a production, and manufacture as a serious production standard. The design of product be humanized, and the product has an excellent corrosion resistance, safety and reliability, good sealing and durability.
    Bag filter match high performance filter bag in all kinds of materials, structures, filter precision. Be suitable for a most requirement of precision filtration
    Bag filter system including Top Entry, Side Entry, plastic bag filter, Multi-Bag Filter.

    Top Entry bag filter
    Inlet on the top, outlet on the bottom as the structure feature , liquid medium will flow from up to down. Liquid will not be affected by the disorder of the fluid. Improve the efficiency of filtration and service life. Head cover of filter housing is in integral casting, the ring of filter bag is pressed directly by head cover, its sealing is better, and, the operation is easy. the product is still working normally Under the high pressure who is designed by ASME and CE standard.
    product features
    1, Liquid inflow on the top, reduced the disorder of the fluid. improve the filtration efficiency and working life.
    2、The ring of filter bag is pressed directly by head cover, good sealing, No side leakage.
    3、Adjustable bracket as a part of filter housing, easy installation.
    4、Integral casting of head cover , compact structure, smooth runner, low resistance, No residue and sanitary dead space.

    Side Entry bag filter
    It is an economic single bag type bag filter. Simple structure, Easy maintenance. Whole structure support of filter bag is used in inner, smooth inner wall and easy to clean. About the Side Entry bag filter, There is two kinds of head cover , is flat cover and concave type by precision casting. Its design as per ASME & CE Standard. Meet the requirements of high pressure from the customer. The unit of compression is finished by the ring of compression and unique adjustable unit of compression from RKS. The sealability of filter bag is better in the filter housing.
    product feature
    1.Inlet of side entry and dismountable head cover, needn’t cut off the pipe line when you open the head cover, and be easy to replace the filter bag. And, because of the design of concave type for the head cover, the liquid medium will not overflow when we open the head cover.
    2.Different open style can be selected the head cover, and be suitable for all kinds of working condition.
    3.The unique hold-down ring design, pressing the filter bag in a full range angles, Ensure no side leakage.
    4.High quality Screen basket supported (punching type and weaving type )is produce by electrolytic polishing, no burrs on the surface, take easy, easy clean, pressure-bearing fully.
    5.Adjustable bracket is used by filter, easy installation.
    6.Alternative Parallel type bag filter system when the work can’t be stopt.

    PP Bag filter
    No any parts of metal on the body of PP Bag filter, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Integration of injection molding. Weldless and blind angel. Head cover of filter housing is made of plastic,
    product feature
    1、Excellent chemical properties, meet the working condition of filtration in all kinds of acid base liquid medium. High temperature and pressure resistance which the body of filter housing is reinforced by fiberglass.
    2、The handle is helical structure, it can be open without any tool, filter bag is easy to be replaced.
    3、Alternative Parallel type bag filter system when the work can’t be stopped.
    4、There are three kinds of #1,#2,#5 for the materials of plastic (PP) , the kind is #2 for PVDF.

    Multi-bag filter 
    RKS Multi-Bag Filter, there is two locking devices on the head cover, it is eye bolt and V hoop type. On the other hand, the ways of opening is the spring arm power opening and vertical open and horizontally.
    This two ways of open is very suitable to replace frequently the filter element or replace it rapidly under keeping the continue working status. Need only 30 seconds, it will greatly improve the work efficiency.
    Multi-bag filter is suitable for a working condition of high flow and a large solids, the quantity of filter bag is 2 bags to 24 bags.
    Product feature
    1、Humanization design, Long rod type V type holding clamp lock,30 seconds opening time. 
    2、Horizontal moving type and vertical open and horizontally type as its two opening way, meet the requirements of area in workshop.
    3、the spring arm power opening structure is easy to open the head cover by single hand.
    4、The Unique unit of compression in three-point, ensure the reliable sealing, avoid the side leakage of liquid medium.
    5、flow is 120m³/H to 960 m³/H
    6、Product is manufactured as per the standard of pressure vessel GB-150, ASME,CE.
    Main Specification Parameters of Bag filter product
    Optional filtering element: whole series hot melting PP ring filter bag ,and seam steel ring filter bag.
    Optional precision(μm): 0.5~1200
    Quantity of filter bag in single device: 1~24(pc)
    flow of single device(m3/h):1~960
    filtration area(m2):0.09~12
    Design pressure (MPa):0.6、1.6
    Applicable viscosity(cp):1~20000
    Body material: SS304、SS316L、CS、PP、PVDF
    Optional configuration
    JIS Flange, DIN Flange, ANSI Flange, Socket connector
    Inlet and outlet can be alternative according to the place of pipeline on the scene.
    high performance magnetic bar is optional in the middle of filter bag, it can adsorb the prill.
    Optional jacket heating device is suit to improve the efficiency of filtration.密the materials of seal ring are more kinds, is suitable to different fluid medium: NBR, EPDM, VITON, PTFE, etc.
    Applicable industries: Fine Chemistry, Water treatment, Papermaking, Automoible industry, Petrochemical, Machining, Coating, Electron, etc.
    Applicative the type of liquid : All kinds of Liquid of microimpurity,wide applicability.
    Main function: wipe off various size particles, fluid purification, Separating liquid, Protect key equipment;
    Type of filtration: Particle filtration, filtration of filter supplies. 

    Cartridge filter
    Filter cartridge as a filter element in cartridge filter , it is suitable for a precision filtration of liquid medium, wiping off the microimpurity and germ. high filtration accuracy, high efficiency, large capacity of dirt is its advantage. 
    Cartridge filter match high performance RKS filter cartridge in all kinds of materials, structures, high filter precision. Be suitable for a most requirement of precision filtration in a conventional and special working condition. 
    cartridge filter including Sanitary cartridge filter, industrial grade cartridge filter.
    sanitary liquid cartridge filter
    RKS Sanitary cartridge filter meet the requirements of the hygiene grade and GMP. It is a high-end liquid filer in the field of life sciences.

    Product feature
    1、Super-high polishing grade, the inner wall is 0.3μ m, the outer wall is 0.4μ m, absolute polishing hygiene grade 
    2、this sanitary cartridge filter with vent valve and drain valve, thread bushing and the head of the pagoda is separate. The flexible pipe is immobile when it vent and drain. 
    3、New-style Segmented clamp is used, it can bear more pressure,and its pressure is higher 20% than common clamp.
    4、Strong clamp is optional under the requirement of high pressure, the seal ring of PTFE is excellent to bear pressure 1.0 Mpa.
    5、The support of filter use the strengthening thread, no slipped screw 
    6、Slaver of filter cartridge has two types, the fixed slaver type is used usually, and detachable slaver is optional, easy clean completely. 
    Mainly used in medicine, beverage industry ,it is required to produce under a sterile conditions, and just need to filter in the process of decoloration, filling, clarification. and, it will meet the requirements of sanitary filtration. On the other hand, in the field of microelectronic industry, our products will have a perfect efficiency in the process of pure water pretreatment,cooling water filtration, de ionized(DI) water system filtration, filtration of chemicals, photosensitive resist filtration, plating liquid filtration, magnetic media filtration, washing liquid and spray liquid filtration, etc. the efficiency of filtration is very good. 
    Major Parameter
    Materials: SS304,SS316L
    Surface treatment: mirror polish, internal electrolytic polishing
    optional filter cartridge: whole series cartridge, whose port is DOE、222、226 
    optional precision(μm):0.1-20
    Length of filter cartridge(inches):2″~40″
    Quantity of filter cartridge(PC):1~120 
    Design pressure (Mpa):0.6mpa、1.0mpa
    Design Temperature(℃):≤130℃
    Terilization: On-line Sterilization, or pressure cooker 122℃/30mins
    Connection of Inlet & Outlet: Quick installation
    Vent valve & drain valve: structure of Quick installation(ID 4mm, Dia∮8mm pipe) 
    Port of pressure gage: 1.5 S, quick installation

    cartridge filter in industrial grade
    RKS industrial grade cartridge filter. is widely apply to the verious kinds of liquid precision filtration in petrochemical and fine chemical engineering, is used also for cartridge filtration ( Safety filter ) in the field of wastewater treatment. The filter can wipe off the micro contaminant in the liquid, its advantage is high presicion, high efficiency,large capacity.

    product feature
    1、The technology of Sand blasting, polishing is used on the surface treatment. The precision is closed to 0.6um in the inner wall of filter. 
    2、It is designed as per a clamp type as a locking devices on the head cover, when the filter cartridge is less than 7 pcs. It is easy to open and operate,and maintain. high flow and multicore cartridge filter is used a structure of bolt lock, Mechanical spring lifting structure is its special design, it is more convenient to replace the filter cartridge.
    3、size of cartridge filter: single core to 150 cores。
    4、Be suitable to install the filter cartridge of double port,is easy also to install single port 222,226 cartridge.
    Applicable industry: fine chemical engineering,water treatment system, papermaking, automobile industry,petrochemical industry,machining,paiting, electronic industry,etc.
    applicable kind of liquid: all kinds of containing impurities liquid 
    main function: wipe off Micro particles,fluid purification, protect key device.
    Filtration type: particle filtration, a filtration using consumptive material,manual replaced periodically.
    major parameter
    Body materials: SS304、SS316L
    Surface treatment: Sand blast, mechanical polishing, electrochemical polishing
    optional filter cartridge: whole series cartridge, whose port is DOE、222、226 
    optional precision(μm):0.5~100 
    Length of filter cartridge(inches):10″~60″
    Quantity of filter cartridge(PC):1~150
    Design pressure(Mpa):0.6mpa、1.0mpa
    Temperature: (℃):≤130℃
    connection of port: fast mounting, JIS standard Flange, DIN standard Flange, ANSI standard Flange
    Port of Vent valve: G 1/2 (≤12 Core)
    Port of Drain valve: G 3/4(≤12 Core)
    Port of pressure gage: M14*1.5

    Full-Automatic Candle Filter

    In order to solve the environmental pollution caused by the open-type filter and increase the dryness of the filter cake, we developed a completely pressure-tight.

           The pressure-tight filter is placed some candle tubes, which is suitable for different occasions. Because there is no actuator device, and its structure is simple, so it is suitable for an operating condition of large filtration area. The filter device is fully automatic operation, no any leakage.

            The filter element adopts a structure design of double plum blossom tube bank (internal stainless steel skeleton and external filter cloth). The middle drainage tube can help to drain the liquid in the filter tube, and, the remaining liquid can be drained away by the middle bleeder tube, and, the filter cake is blown off by back flushing of clean gas, its efficiency is obviously higher than other filter. The filter is suitable for the filtration of impurity content of 0.1% to 50%.

     Multi-hole filter element is dismountable and easy to replace, clean, and maintain.

     the moisture content of discharged slag can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and filter cake is very easy to be broken, can be directly discharged into the beating tank, without the conveyor

     Full pressure-tight operation, both suitable for the filtration of general materials, can also be used for flammable, toxic or highly toxic dangerous products, and a fresh food which does not allow be polluted, biological products and pharmaceuticals, etc.

     the filter with an intelligent control system, greatly saving labor

    Operating principle

    When the candle filter is start to its filtering process, the slurry is fed into the filter by the pump. The liquid phase in the slurry passes through the filter medium and enters into the center of multi-hole filter element, and is discharged from the outlet of the clear liquid. Before the cake layer is formed, the relatively clean liquid is sent to the inlet of raw material slurry again to do a filtration process, until the filter cake layer is formed (or meet the requirements ), and then, the control system will give a signal to stopping the recycle filtration. The clean liquid will be sent to next process through the control valve and execute the normal filtration process.

            After a normal filtration period, the system automatically provides a signal to stopping feed and drain away the remaining liquid when the filter cake layer on outside surface of multi-hole filter element is reach to a certain thickness. And then, the control system provides the signal again to back flushing (compressed air, nitrogen or Saturated steam), the filter cake is stripping, the outlet of slag is open to discharge by the control system. Next filtration process will be executed again.


    Bio-pharmaceuticals industry: Fermentation extracts, Antibiotics, Antibiotics, Streptomycin, Citric acid ; Chemical industry: Amine liquid, Catalyst recovery, Sulfuric acid, polyhydric alcohols, Titanium dioxide, PTA particles, Polyglycol, Potassium carbonate, Epoxy resin

    Food & Beverage industry:  Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Raw Syrup, Fruit Grape Pulp, Glucose Syrup, Sucrose, Beer, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Gelatin

    Metal processing: Cleaning agents, Coal tar, Machine cooling oil, Metal foil rolling oil

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