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    Nozzle check valve

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     CHEETAH series nozzle check valve

    Product features:

    1.Reasonable and streamlined design to keep flow smoothly.
    2.The noise is minimum for direct flow or back flow
    3.The velocity of backflow is only 0.2s
    4.Head loss is only 0.1Bar with 2m/s
    5.EPDM/NBR Rubber fully coated disc
    6.Spindle shape flow guide
    7.Special the negative pressure zone anti-erosion design
    8.Floating movable trims with self-adjustable ball
    9.Self-cleaning stem to keep smooth after long-time use

    Product specification

    Size: DN50-DN600
    Pressure: PN10/16/25
    Body material: Ductile iron
    Trim material: Ductile iron
    Connection: Flange



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